class ConfirmationDialogBuilder abstract

Confirmation/alert dialog builder, platform dependent, used by ViewActivity.showConfirmationDialogAsync (abstract).

Note: Typescene provides a platform dependent implementation by default. You can implement your own dialog builder by extending this class and assigning a constructor reference to UITheme.ConfirmationDialogBuilder.


(): ConfirmationDialogBuilder

.setTitle() abstract

(title: string): this

Set the dialog title.

.addMessage() abstract

(message: string): this

Add a block of text to be displayed as a paragraph.

.setConfirmButtonLabel() abstract

(label: string): this

Set the text label of the primary confirmation button.

.setCancelButtonLabel() abstract

(label: string): this

Set the text label of the cancel button.

.build() abstract

(): UIRenderableConstructor

Build a constructor for a renderable dialog with the current options, which should emit a CloseModal or Confirm event when closing the dialog.