class UISpacer

extends UIControl

Control that has no content, but expands in both directions when needed.


(width?: string | number, height?: string | number, shrink?: boolean): UISpacer

.withHeight() static

(minHeight: string | number, shrinkwrap?: boolean): typeof UISpacer

Creates a preset spacer class with given height (in dp or string with unit), shrinkwrapped by default.

.withWidth() static

(minWidth: string | number, shrinkwrap?: boolean): typeof UISpacer

Creates a preset spacer class with given width (in dp or string with unit), shrinkwrapped by default.



Combined style set; when this is set to an instance of UIStyle, the individual style object properties (e.g. UIComponent.dimensions) are set to read-only objects taken from the UIStyle instance. To override individual properties, set these properties after setting style, or use Component.with to create a new constructor.



Set to true to shrink this element to use as little space as possible within its container, set to false to expand; defaults to true but may be overridden by individual components (also overrides grow property of UIComponent.dimensions).

.applyStyle() protected

(style: UIStyle): void

Inherited from UIControl.applyStyle.

.applyControlStyle() protected

(controlStyle: Partial<ControlStyle>): void

Inherited from UIControl.applyControlStyle.

.applyTextStyle() protected

(textStyle: Partial<TextStyle>): void

Inherited from UIControl.applyTextStyle.



Inherited from UIControl.textStyle.



Inherited from UIControl.controlStyle.



Inherited from UIControl.disabled.


(name: string, inner?: ManagedEvent, event?: any): void

Inherited from UIComponent.propagateComponentEvent.


(callback: RenderCallback<Output<UIRenderable, any>>): void

Inherited from UIComponent.render.


(): boolean

Inherited from UIComponent.isFocusable.


(): boolean

Inherited from UIComponent.isKeyboardFocusable.


(): void

Inherited from UIComponent.requestFocus.


(): void

Inherited from UIComponent.requestFocusNext.


(): void

Inherited from UIComponent.requestFocusPrevious.



Inherited from UIComponent.hidden.



Inherited from UIComponent.dimensions.



Inherited from UIComponent.position.



Inherited from UIComponent.accessibleRole.



Inherited from UIComponent.accessibleLabel.



Inherited from UIComponent.revealTransition.



Inherited from UIComponent.exitTransition.


Output<this, any>

Inherited from UIComponent.lastRenderOutput.

.isPresetComponent() protected

(): boolean

Inherited from Component.isPresetComponent.


[1]. (): Component
[2]. <TParent extends Component>(ParentClass: ComponentConstructor<TParent>): TParent

Inherited from Component.getParentComponent.


<TParent extends Component>(ParentClass?: ComponentConstructor<TParent>): TParent

Inherited from Component.getCompositeParent.



Inherited from ManagedObject.managedId.



Inherited from ManagedObject.managedState.

.getReferenceCount() protected

(): number

Inherited from ManagedObject.getReferenceCount.

.getManagedReferrers() protected

(): ManagedObject[]

Inherited from ManagedObject.getManagedReferrers.

.getManagedParent() protected

[1]. (): ManagedObject
[2]. <TParent extends ManagedObject>(ParentClass: ManagedObjectConstructor<TParent>): TParent

Inherited from ManagedObject.getManagedParent.


<TEvent extends ManagedEvent = ManagedEvent, TConstructorArgs extends any[] = any[]>(e: string | TEvent | (new (...args: TConstructorArgs) => TEvent), ...constructorArgs: TConstructorArgs): this

Inherited from ManagedObject.emit.

.propagateChildEvents() protected

[1]. (f?: (this: this, e: ManagedEvent, propertyName: string) => void | ManagedEvent | ManagedEvent[]): this
[2]. (...types: (ManagedEvent | (new (...args: any[]) => ManagedEvent))[]): this

Inherited from ManagedObject.propagateChildEvents.

.activateManagedAsync() protected

(): Promise<any>

Inherited from ManagedObject.activateManagedAsync.

.deactivateManagedAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.deactivateManagedAsync.

.destroyManagedAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.destroyManagedAsync.

.onManagedStateActivatingAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateActivatingAsync.

.onManagedStateActiveAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateActiveAsync.

.onManagedStateDeactivatingAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateDeactivatingAsync.

.onManagedStateInactiveAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateInactiveAsync.

.onManagedStateDestroyingAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateDestroyingAsync.