(format: string, ...bindings: string[]): StringFormatBinding

Returns a new binding, which can be used as a component preset (see Component.with) to update components dynamically with a string that includes property values from the bound parent component, such as the AppActivity for a view, the Application for an activity, or the ViewComponent for nested views.

The format string may contain placeholders for bound values; as soon as the value of a binding changes, the formatted string is also updated. Bindings are specified as strings, in the same format as the argument to bind(), using parameters (e.g. "foo") OR placeholders such as ${foo} which add bindings as if created using bind("foo").

Strings are translated and following the same rules as strf, refer to its documentation for a list of available formatting placeholders.

See Also

bind, Binding.addFilter (includes a list of available filters)