(...observedProperties: string[]): MethodDecorator

Observer method decorator: amend decorated method to turn it into a handler for events on managed objects that are referred to by given managed reference property/ies (decorated with @managed, @managedChild, @managedDependency, or @compose).

Note: This decorator is intended for use on methods that are part of an observer class, see observe().


class Person extends ManagedObject {
    constructor (public name: string) { }
    @managed spouse?: Person;
    @managed friends = new ManagedList<Person>()

class PersonObserver {
    constructor (public readonly person: Person) { }

    // handle ALL events emitted on .spouse and
    // .friends (which propagates list item events)
    @onPropertyEvent("spouse", "friends")
    handleEvent(_value: any, e: ManagedEvent) {
        if (e instanceof BirthdayEvent) {
            console.log(this.person.name +
                " wishes " + e.person.name +
                " a happy birthday");

observe(Person, PersonObserver);

class BirthdayEvent extends ManagedEvent {
    constructor(public readonly person: Person) {

let p1 = new Person("John");
let p2 = new Person("Judie");
let p3 = new Person("Trudy");
p1.spouse = p2;
p2.emit(new BirthdayEvent(p2));