(text: string, textStyle?: Partial<TextStyle>): typeof UILabel

Shortcut function that returns a UILabel constructor with given text (a ‘text label’, hence tl), and optional text styles.

If the text contains tags of the format ${...} then the text is first wrapped in a call to bindf, to include nested bindings and format the result. This also enables the use of #{...} tags for pluralization.

If the text starts with a tag in curly braces (i.e. {...}), then the result is affected in the following ways:

  • {b} mixes in a text style that sets the bold flag

  • {i} mixes in a text style that sets the italic flag

  • {h1} through {h3} return a UIHeading1, UIHeading2, or UIHeading3 constructor

  • {p} returns a UIParagraph constructor

  • {c} returns a UICloseLabel constructor

  • {x} returns an UIExpandedLabel constructor

  • {10} mixes in a text style with given font size (any number, optionally followed by a CSS unit)

  • {@color} mixes in a text style with given text color (any color defined by the current theme)

  • {!tt} prevents translation of the string (see below).

Note: The style tags above can be combined using the | (pipe) character where possible, e.g. {b|i|20|@color}.

Note: The text string (excluding initial tag) is passed through the tt function for translation upon construction of the UILabel component whenever an I18nService instance has been registered.

See Also

UILabel, UICloseLabel, UIExpandedLabel, UIParagraph, UIHeading1, UIHeading2, UIHeading3, tt.

Example (preset)

  tl("{b|@red}Warning: limit exceeded!")