class AppActivityList

extends Component

Component that encapsulates a list of child activities; emits change events when the list changes (propagated from ManagedList) and when one of the activities becomes active or inactive.

Note: This class is used internally to represent ‘preset’ activities of an Application constructor. An instance of this class is available as Application.activities.


(): AppActivityList



The number of activities currently in the list.


(...activities: AppActivity[]): this

Add one or more child activities to the list.


(activity: AppActivity): this

Remove given activity from the list. Does not throw an error if the activity was not included in the list.


(): this

Clear the list by removing all activities in one go.


(index: number): AppActivity

Returns the activity at given position in the list.


(activity: AppActivity): boolean

Returns true if the list includes given activity.


(callback: (target: AppActivity) => void): void

  • callback — the function to be called, with a single activity as the only argument.

Iterates over the activities in this list and invokes given callback for each activity.


<TResult>(callback: (target: AppActivity) => TResult): TResult[]

  • callback — the function to be called, with a single activity as the only argument.

Iterates over the activities in this list and invokes given callback for each activity, then returns an array with all callback return values.

Note: The behavior of this method is undefined if the activity list is changed while running.


(): AppActivity[]

Returns an array with all activities currently in this list.


(e: ManagedEvent): void

Re-emits given event on this component; called for each event that is emitted by the encapsulated list (which also propagates events of type ActionEvent from all contained activities).

.isPresetComponent() protected

(): boolean

Inherited from Component.isPresetComponent.


<TParent extends Component = Component>(ParentClass?: ComponentConstructor<TParent>): TParent

Inherited from Component.getParentComponent.


<TParent extends Component>(ParentClass?: ComponentConstructor<TParent>): TParent

Inherited from Component.getBoundParentComponent.


(name: string, inner?: ManagedEvent, context?: ManagedObject): void

Inherited from Component.emitAction.

.propagateComponentEvent() deprecated

(name: string, inner?: ManagedEvent): void

Inherited from Component.propagateComponentEvent.



Inherited from ManagedObject.managedId.



Inherited from ManagedObject.managedState.

.getReferenceCount() protected

(): number

Inherited from ManagedObject.getReferenceCount.

.getManagedReferrers() protected

(): ManagedObject[]

Inherited from ManagedObject.getManagedReferrers.

.getManagedParent() protected

<TParent extends ManagedObject = ManagedObject>(ParentClass?: ManagedObjectConstructor<TParent>): TParent

Inherited from ManagedObject.getManagedParent.


<TEvent extends ManagedEvent = ManagedEvent, TConstructorArgs extends any[] = any[]>(e: string | TEvent | (new (...args: TConstructorArgs) => TEvent), ...constructorArgs: TConstructorArgs): this

Inherited from ManagedObject.emit.


(name?: string): void

Inherited from ManagedObject.emitChange.

.propagateChildEvents() protected deprecated

(...types: ((new (...args: any[]) => ManagedEvent) | ((e: ManagedEvent) => any))[]): this

Inherited from ManagedObject.propagateChildEvents.

.activateManagedAsync() protected

(): Promise<any>

Inherited from ManagedObject.activateManagedAsync.

.deactivateManagedAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.deactivateManagedAsync.

.destroyManagedAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.destroyManagedAsync.

.onManagedStateActivatingAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateActivatingAsync.

.onManagedStateActiveAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateActiveAsync.

.onManagedStateDeactivatingAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateDeactivatingAsync.

.onManagedStateInactiveAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateInactiveAsync.

.onManagedStateDestroyingAsync() protected

(): Promise<void>

Inherited from ManagedObject.onManagedStateDestroyingAsync.